Seven facts about me

I work from home, and sometimes I don't (work that is).

My surname is the most popular in the UK, or at least second.

My first name was the 17th most popular girls name in the 1960s.

Shockingly I have the second most popular pet in the UK, well I was shocked, can you believe that fish came first ? I hardly think a fish has pet like qualities, I mean you can't even pet a fish, you can merely stare at it.

I am one of the 55 million people in the UK who wear glasses, that is a lot of glass, a lot of cleaning, very many nose indents and a lot of women who have, allegedly, not had passes made to them.

I do all of my own illustrations, although I do rarely refer to the layout of other cartoons before I draw (mostly because I'm not good with positioning people with objects, I've only had to do this twice).

This blog, the characters and the incidences in it are purely fictional...or are they ? (Yes, they are !)


  1. Fish are basically home decoration that happen to be alive, much like house plants.

  2. I am so glad you didn't succumb to speed dating. TS

    1. I had heard, from a friend, that the bell rings really quickly when you are talking to a handsome stud, and really slowly when you are talking to the pensioner in banana yellow trousers !